Omah Dhuwur means “tall house” in Javanese. The Restaurant is located in one of the historical buildings in the oldest area in Jogjakarta, Kotagede. The area is also known as the center of silver handicraft. The restaurant buildings are a mix between Dutch and modern Javanese architecture and remember the times of Ancient Mataram age of 1740 (the lower/Joglo compartment) and colonial year of 1900 (the upper building, art deco houses). Together with small establishments in the roof, terrace, kitchen, toilet and fishpond made after the earthquake in 2006,it creates a magical place with a unique atmosphere.

By having 100 or more guest capacity, OmahDhuwur is a perfect place for different events, such as birthday, wedding, romantic or family dinner. The menu of our restaurant is the combination of traditional recipes with imported ingredients from other countries and served with the original style of Omah Dhuwur. The blend of great facilities, unforgettable atmosphere and excellent food, enable our customers to get a marvelous experience.

We invite you to visit Omah Dhuwur and join the group of customers who get the biggest satisfaction for a good price.